Excitement grows as Rosie’s expansion makes rapid progress

By Debbie Adams

“We are making significant progress and are on schedule to complete our Vinton expansion by the end of the year, bringing more fun, live entertainment, good paying jobs and tax revenues to the Town of Vinton,” is the word from Ernie Dellaverson, general manager for Rosie’s Vinton. “We thank our loyal customers who are still enjoying what we have to offer as we remain open during this exciting project.”

The expansion project at the Vinton Gaming Emporium is moving forward by leaps and bounds, as seen in this drone footage from the site on Vinyard Road. (photos, drawings, courtesy of Rosie’s Gaming Emporium)

The expansion got underway in January and will almost double the facility in size and add a parking garage, with an investment “into the millions,” and the hiring of many more employees.

Architectural renderings of the expansion project. The existing building is on the left.

Speaking at a Vinton Town Council meeting last November, Dellaverson told members that the project will add approximately 18,000 square feet to the building and increase the number of gaming machines from 150 to 500.

The proposed three-and-a-half-story parking garage will include 276 parking spots with elevators to the different levels with ADA accessibility. A drop-off lane will be added along with a large open walking space.

An entertainment section will be added to the interior, with 30 bar stools and a stage for live entertainment for up to a six-member band.

A new circular bar will be added in a separate section of the building. The facility basics will be expanded and upgraded, including mechanicals and restrooms.

Site plans for the Rosie’s expansion in Vinton.

Rosie’s Vinton has been able to remain open during the expansion, with parking moving completely to the rear of the building. Patrons need to enter from Vinyard Road, as the access road from Niagara is closed during construction.

Walls are going up on the addition to Rosie’s in this photo from March 15. (photo by Debbie Adams)

Colonial Downs Group, which owns and operates Rosie’s Gaming Emporiums, has made a $300 million investment in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The company pays more than $32 million in annual state and local taxes plus an additional $12 million in racing industry payments annually.

Those local taxes have made a big impact on the town budget in Vinton. The town has designated all tax revenues from Rosie’s for much-needed and often-postponed capital improvement projects.

Colonial Downs has elected in 2021 to work as extraordinary community partners in making significant contributions to local communities throughout the Commonwealth with their “Together We Win” program, donating $1,000 each week to a local charity in a community from which it operates. That’s $52,000 in donations to organizations, including those in the Roanoke Valley. Local recipients so far have included CHIP of Roanoke, Kids Soar, and Angels of Assisi.

Aaron Gomes, chief operating officer of Colonial Downs Group, stated, “Helping those communities around us is at the core of our operational philosophy. We truly believe that high tides raise all ships, and we are determined to add value to the communities in which we operate.”

Colonial Downs recently announced a return to live racing at the New Kent Country Racetrack beginning on July 19 and extending for seven weeks through September 1.

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