Bonsack Elementary contributes to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

Bonsack Elementary counselor Katy Nance connected with a counselor at Tijerina Elementary in Houston and arranged for the Bonsack students and community to make donations to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.
Bonsack Elementary began shipping 26 boxes of supplies for Hurricane Harvey victims to Houston, Texas, on Sept. 18

Bonsack Elementary School and the Bonsack community have combined efforts to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

School counselor Katy Nance says that she belongs to a Facebook group called “The Elementary School Counselor Exchange.”

“After Hurricane Harvey, I checked on the group to see how the counselors in that area were doing,” said Nance. “I was able to connect with a counselor from an elementary school in Houston called Tijerina Elementary. I messaged with her and emailed the principal of the school to set up our donation.

“Our school community has donated enough items to fill 26 large flat rate shipping boxes from the United States Post Office, and we have families and staff members sponsoring the cost to ship the boxes,” added Nance.

The first six boxes were mailed on September 18.

“Our Bonsack community always responds when there is a need,” said Nance.


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