WBHS Terrier Spotlight of the Week

By the William Byrd Administrative Team

It’s time again for our Terrier Spotlight of the Week, where we recognize faculty and staff members for their wonderful contributions to our students and community.

Our first Terrier Spotlight of the Week is Laura Woods. Ms. Woods is an instructional assistant who does a bit of everything at William Byrd, such as taking temperatures at the bus stop, supporting and monitoring students during our Hybrid Help Day, and assisting students in Econ. & Personal Finance. Ms. Woods has been a devoted part of our Terrier family over the past thirteen years. Of course, this year has required her to take on different roles and responsibilities, but she has consistently been able to provide the service and support needed to make this year a success. Thank you, Ms. Woods for all that you do for our school!

Laura Woods

The next Terrific Terrier is Ms. Suzanne Spruell, one of our wonderful librarians here at William Byrd. She is a kind, devoted, and compassionate educator who cares deeply about our students. While she has certainly missed the usual presence of students in the library, that hasn’t stopped her from finding other opportunities to connect with kids. Ms. Spruell and her trusty sidekick, Ms. Hatfield, have played an integral role in supporting our Hybrid Help Day students in the library. Throughout this school year, Ms. Spruell has shown a willingness to help and support our students and staff in any way that she can. Furthermore, she has done it all with a smile and positive attitude; not that we should expect anything less from someone whose favorite color is “Periwinkle Blue.” Thank you, Ms. Spruell!

Suzanne Spruell

Our next Terrier Spotlight of the Week, the “Most Interesting Teacher in Vinton,” is Ms. Melissa Carr! The free-spirited, enigmatic AP Science teacher is a fascinating figure among students and staff. Is it the numerous travel patches on her book bag? Is it that she competes in obstacle course races? Or is it that she listens to musical groups like the Mediaeval Baebes? We may never know! What we do know is that she’s an instructional tour-de-force whose commitment to her students and the science department is next-to-none. Thank you, Ms. Carr, for being such a talented and devoted educator.

Melissa Carr

Finally, our last Terrier Spotlight of the Week is Mr. Tim Williams. Mr. Williams and the entire maintenance staff have worked tirelessly this year to ensure that our schools are safe and operational. Mr. Williams is always willing and available to help students and staff. From sanitizing classrooms and hallways, to moving furniture and books, and even appearing in instructional music videos, such as the groundbreaking and genre-defying “Germ Busters” featuring Mr. Galbreath, Mr. Williams can do it all! We want to give a sincere thank you to Tim and the entire maintenance staff for all they’ve done to help make this school year possible.

Tim Williams



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