Roanoke County School Board approves fees for 2018-2019

The Roanoke County School Board approved student fees for the 2018-2019 school year at its meeting on July 12.

The Code of Virginia states that “no fees or charges may be levied on any pupil by any school board unless authorized by regulation of the Board of Education or by the General Assembly.”

The following fees are authorized by the Code and have been approved by the Roanoke County School Board in accordance with Policy 4.12. Requests for reduction or waiver of fees are made via the school principal. The proposed schedule represents no increases from last year.

Breakfast in Roanoke County Schools for the school year which begins on August 13 costs $1.35 with reduced price at 30 cents.

This year lunches for children in grades K-5 will be $2.55, and $2.80 for grades 6-12, reduced price is 40 cents.

PE uniform shirts are priced at $4, shorts at $9; both for $13. The purchase of a gym uniform is not required if comparable shirt and shorts are provided.

Take-home laptop insurance for grades 6-12 is $50; $25 for free and reduced.

High school student parking is $40. BCAT student parking is $15.

High school class dues are $10 for grades 9-11 and $20 for grade 12.

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