Cundiff and HLH show off their STEM projects


First graders in Cindy Day’s class at W.E. Cundiff Elementary School used STEM learning to create a community map, recycling boxes into buildings and learning some math number sequencing at the same time.
First grade STEM map project at WEC.
Herman L. Horn Elementary School held its annual STEM night on March 14. Families were invited to participate in the “Trash to Treasure” re-purposing of recycled items, such as plastic bottles.
The “Trash to Treasure” STEM night project was organized by teacher Betsey Miles (center), shown with fellow teacher Amanda Lusk.

STEM is a curriculum based on integrating science, technology, engineering, and math in real world applications— even in elementary school— and not in isolation, but throughout the year.

Students at W.E. Cundiff and Herman L. Horn Elementary Schools in Vinton have been focusing on STEM learning projects in recent weeks.

Students in Cindy Day’s first grade class at WEC brought in boxes which they re-purposed into buildings to create a community map in their study of social studies mapping skills and sequencing double digit numbers in math.

HLH held STEM night for families and students to work together repurposing recyclables from “Trash into Treasure.”

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