What a vacation! Marissa Brewer’s story


What started off as a family weekend trip to Tennessee turned into an adventure of her life. Marissa Brewer and her family headed to Pigeon Forge, Tenn., over Martin Luther King weekend.

Schools were out for two days and it seemed like a good time to take a long weekend trip. So, Marissa headed to Tennessee to relax and stay in a mountain log cabin! She was diagnosed with pneumonia the week before, but was feeling better, and got a clearance from the doctor to go out of town for the weekend. She was on antibiotics and her lungs sounded good, the doctor said. So, off she went. On Friday, she ate chicken nuggets and apple slices.

On Saturday, Marissa started to feel worse. By late Saturday night, Marissa was in the emergency room. Both lungs were full with pneumonia and she could barely breathe. The nurses, doctors, and respiratory techs helped her that night get to a stable condition. On Sunday morning, Marissa was moved to ICU and remained in ICU for 31 days. While fighting pneumonia, she was also diagnosed with asthma, which was also complicating her recovery. But Marissa persevered and after a month was transported to a respiratory rehab facility in Fincastle in mid-February. She has participated in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy and is on the road to being the “Marissa” that we know – laughing, smiling, and hugging!

Marissa’s family are true heroes; Uncle Ken, Aunt Jen, cousin Joanna, cousin Leeann, all Williamsons. Having her in Tennessee and them here, what a hardship on them, too. They are the greatest, along with prayers and help from others, Marissa is truly blessed.

Jennifer says she feels struggles to overcome challenges comes from her Grandma Joan Williamson (who just celebrated her birthday).

Everyone loves Marissa and all her classmates from Amy Boush’s class were so excited   to be able to go visit since she is close to home. They celebrated a belated birthday with her. In the picture are Ruth Overfelt, Brandon Smith, Marissa B., Luke Barrett, Logan Glass, Rashard Stovall, and Chase Kendall. We all can hardly wait till Marissa is back    at school and being the trouper/fighter she is. It should be soon. Truly a miracle.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to MaryAnn St.Clair (plus retirement congrats), Dal Simmons, Donna Enstminger, Robyn McDaniel, Andy Morris, Dylan Spradlin, Allen Spigle, Tommy Minnix, Joyce Kidd, Ian Thompson, Amy Wentzel, Kimberly G. Riley, Jordie Dalton, Mason Early, David Radford, Shelby Snider, Aaron Lyles, Teresa Lynn Widener, Luci E. MacCormack, Adams Bowser, Linita Woolfolk, Danny Wood, Sandi W. Stephens, Jeannine Kerek, Shirley Hopper, Troy Patterson, Shirley Millner, Kim Horn, Chris Saunders, Joyce Williams, Mita Lue, Briena Burton, Diane Olsen, Wanda Melcher, Debbie Holloway Richardson, Connie G. Houff, Jack Phillips, James Blankenship, Jessica Dunbar, Robin Hammock, Marcee H. Cook, Macy Holland, Katheryn Cramer, Chris Ashworth, Dana E. Reagan, Faye Caldwell, Aaron Yost, and Bill Norton. Hope everyone had a great one!

Get well wishes and prayers go out to Audrey Thrasher (knee replacement, rehabbing, doing better), Ann Kelly (back surgery, wife of Ed Kelly in Tennessee 1954 class pres, doing therapy, came through okay), Cammie Pentecost (gall stone removal, doing great), Saja Carter (surgery on meniscus, hopes to heal to get back to playing soccer), Robert    Chocklett, Lisa Williams (surgery,) Gary Dickerson, Joe Spigel, Dot and Dennis Cummings, and Ruth Cato (surgery).

Thank you all for prayers emails, cards, calls, etc., sent while I was so sick last week. It was a rough week but the folks at Parkway and RMH pulled me through. Blessed to have    caring people around. Let hope the nasty crud stops soon and no one else gets sick! Let spring begin!

Congrats & Happy Anniversary to Jennifer and Barry Brooks, 41 years. May you have many more together! Love ya!

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