WBHS Terrier Spotlight of the Week for November 6

By the William Byrd High School Administrative team

Each week William Byrd High School recognizes faculty and staff members for their wonderful contributions to our students and community with the Terrier Spotlight of the Week.

The first Terrier Spotlight of the Week for November 6 is Lisa Stover, a teacher who works tirelessly to support students in the classroom, as well as those on her case load. Her kindness and compassion are infectious, as is her devotion to our school. Ms. Stover, along with her partner in crime, Mr. Eric Royal, have also done a phenomenal job in supporting our seniors in U.S. and Virginia Government. They have worked hard to make sure each student is staying on track to graduate, as well as developing into an informed and active citizen. Apart from teaching, Ms. Stover has also taken on additional responsibilities, such as chairing the Leo Club. Thank you, Ms. Stover, for all that you do for our students and community.

Lisa Stover

Lee Sikes is a phenomenal school counselor who does a little bit of everything. Whether it’s checking in on students who need help and support, providing college and career guidance to seniors, or providing resources and feedback to parents, Mr. Sikes does it all! Mr. Sikes also organized this year’s PSAT, which is difficult to organize and manage during normal times, let alone during a global pandemic. But with Mr. Sikes’s diligent work, the event went off without a hitch! Thank you again Mr. Sikes.

Lee Sikes

Katie Hart is a dedicated instructional assistant who provides a variety of different services for the school. She excels at assisting students in both one-on-one and large group settings. She has also played an integral role in making our Hybrid Help Wednesdays such a success. Simply put, Ms. Hart wants what’s best for students, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to support them. She is also known as the Queen of Cupcakes. Thank you again Ms. Hart for all that you have done and continue to do to support our students and staff.

Katie Hart

Our last Terrier Spotlight of the Week for November 6, is Coach Brad Lutz. We all know that Coach is itching to be back under those Friday Night Lights, but in spite of the current delay, Coach Lutz has kept a positive attitude and continues to find ways to help support both his students and football players. From putting together innovative and highly effective workouts throughout the week (including this past Monday and Tuesday when we weren’t even in school), to holding football study hall sessions on Wednesdays, Coach Lutz is committed to doing whatever it takes to support the student-athletes here at William Byrd. We are very fortunate to have a coach as invested in and devoted to our students as Coach Lutz!


Coach Brad Lutz

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