WBHS Terrier Spotlight of the Week for November 13

By the Administrative Team at William Byrd High School

Each week William Byrd High School recognizes faculty and staff members for their wonderful contributions to our students and community with the Terrier Spotlight of the Week.

The first Terrier Spotlight of the Week for November 13 is Alison Thornton. The Health and P.E. department has had to face and overcome many challenges this year, including having P.E. classes postponed until mid-October. As the department chair, Ms. Thornton has helped find creative solutions to provide quality instruction and engaging physical activities during these unprecedented times. Apart from being a fantastic department chair, Ms. Thornton is also our head Volleyball and Softball Coach. In this capacity, she continues to go above-and-beyond to provide excellent workouts, and a much-needed outlet for our student-athletes. Thank you again Ms. Thornton for all that you do in the classroom, on the court, and in the field!

Alison Thornton

Matt Bartley is our Choir Director, who also splits his time with the middle school. His passion for music and for sharing that with his students is undeniable. Mr. Bartley has created a classroom culture and environment where students have fun, are free to express themselves, and enjoy working together. We want to also thank Mr. Bartley for the recording of our school song that was shared at the beginning of the year. Students recorded their individual parts and Mr. Bartley compiled them together to create an exceptional finished product. When not teaching or mixing in the studio, Mr. Bartley enjoys spending time outdoors and with his family at Smith Mountain Lake. Mr. Bartley, thank you for all that you do for our students and staff!

Matt Bartley

Our next Terrier Spotlight of the Week is Nikki Booth–the Fashionista of the Front Office. Apart from being a fashion trend-setter here at William Byrd, Ms. Boothe is a dedicated professional who does a little bit of everything. Ms. Boothe is here bright and early each morning to take temperatures, and she helps manage attendance along with Ms. Dillon. She also helps facilitate our Hybrid Help Wednesdays. Most importantly, Ms. Boothe is a Terrier through and through, as she is a graduate of William Byrd High School, as are her children. I’m honestly surprised she doesn’t have a Terrier as a pet. However, I did find out that she once owned a pet pig, named “Peppa.” That’s right, “Peppa!” Thank you again Ms. Boothe for your dedication and school spirit.

Nikki Booth

Our last Terrier Spotlight of the Week is Cari Madejas. Ms. Madejas is new to William Byrd High School and let me tell you, she’s an absolute steal for the school and district! She is a dynamic, committed, and inspiring educator who provides wonderful classroom and small group instruction. Ms. Madejas is so supportive of her students; she cares deeply and truly knows how to reach and connect with others. Outside of school, Ms. Madejas enjoys playing and watching sports, as well as spending time with her family, specifically her precious one-year old daughter, Francesca. Ms. Madejas, we know how lucky we are to have you on our team, and we thank you for all of your hard work.

Cari Madejas


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