WBHS puts the spotlight on Terrier teachers and staff

The teachers and staff at William Byrd High School are truly going above and beyond the call of duty this year despite the many challenges. That’s according to the WBHS administration that has added another new tradition at the school – the “Terrier of the Week Spotlight.”

Dean of Students Phillip Martin explained that each week the school administration will recognize individual teachers and staff members “for exemplary work over the past several weeks. Students and staff will learn more about the awesome people who help make William Byrd such a great place to learn and for their many accomplishments both in and outside of the classroom. Each of these individuals truly embody the ‘Terrier Way’ and know what it means to be more dog! Please join us in congratulating these fantastic educators.”

On October 9, Hannah Blais (Math), James Galbreath (Science), Jeff Clark (IT), and Cherrybell Damasco-Farrington (ITRT) were recognized and honored during the morning announcements and in front of their classrooms.

The announcement stated, “The very first Terrier Spotlight of the Week was Hannah Blais. Not only is Ms. Blais providing great math lessons each day to students in the classroom and at home, she is also responsible for putting together so many of our school events. We want to especially thank Ms. Blais for all her hard work and effort in helping put together our ‘Terrier of the Year’ event. Thank you, Ms. Blais, for your dedication to our school community.”

William Byrd High School math teacher Hannah Blais was named as a “Terrific Terrier,” with the first “Spotlight on Terrier Teacher of the Week” award.

Next to be recognized was “everyone’s favorite Ecology teacher: Mr. James Galbreath! He always makes science engaging with his many fun and creative lessons, as well as his unique characters, such as Backwoods Bob. Thank you, Mr. Galbreath for your hard work and creativity.”

WBHS Ecology teacher James Galbreath was selected as a ” Terrific Terrier” on October 9.


“Finally, we’d like to recognize the dynamic duo of Mr. Jeff Clark and Ms. Cherrybell Damasco-Farrington in the IT department. This school year has forced us all to adapt to a new style of learning, and we literally could not do it without the technical support of Mr. Clark, who has worked countless hours to make sure everyone’s technology needs are met,” Martin said.

“We also want to thank Ms. Farrington for the wonderful instructional Professional Development she put together over the summer to prepare our teachers for remote learning. Thank you, Mr. Clark and Ms. Farrington for your commitment to our students and teachers,” he said.

IT teacher Jeff Clark and ITRT Cherrybell Damasco-Farrington were named “Terrific Terriers” in the first week of a new tradition.

In a letter to Terrier parents, Principal Tammy Newcomb also recognized the efforts of students in adapting to COVID-19 health guidelines.

“Thank you so much for making it possible for us to have in-person school,” Newcomb said. “We have done a great job thus far keeping the students and the staff safe.  Students are doing what we ask them to do.  I am very proud of them and I tell everyone that we can do this!  I am committed to keeping everyone safe.  We all can continue to make the best of a situation!”



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