WBHS announces Terrier Spotlight of the Week for October 23


By the William Byrd High School administrative team

The William Byrd High School Terrier Spotlight of the Week recognizes faculty and staff members for their wonderful contributions to students and the community.

First up for the week of October 23, was Mrs. Christy Lutz—one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Her daily compassion and kindness toward others sets a great example for students. She has also been providing excellent instruction and support to the students in Earth Science. Her flexibility, teamwork, and willingness to serve others has been invaluable. The school also especially thanked her for keeping Coach Lutz sane during this football-less Fall season. We’re sure it hasn’t been easy. Again, thank you Ms. Lutz for all that you are doing for our students.

Christy Lutz

Next is Ms. Jayne Atkins. Her sense of humor and student rapport is next to none. Ms. Atkins “gets” kids and understands their needs. Whether it be a pat on the back or the famous “Atkins hammer,” she’s there to deliver. Ms. Atkins has also had to navigate this chaotic school year while travelling between Glenvar High School and Byrd. Despite this challenge, Ms. Atkins shows up each day smiling and ready to serve our students. Thank you again Ms. Atkins for all that you do for our school.

Jayne Atkins

Our next Terrier Spotlight of the Week is Mr. Dustin Phelps, College and Career Advisor. He helps students with guidance and resources to reach their academic and career goals. But for Mr. Phelps, his work doesn’t stop there. Whether it’s taking temperatures in the morning, covering classrooms and hall duties, or putting athletes through grueling workouts in the evening, Mr. Phelps does a little bit of everything, and he does it all with a smile. Thank you, Mr. Phelps, for all that you do for the faculty and staff, and our students!

Dustin Phelps

Finally, the last Terrier Spotlight of the Week for October 23 is Mr. Chris Rupe. Mr. Rupe is a fantastic teacher, and in keeping with the theme of the day, one of the most positive and delightful people you’ll meet. Mr. Rupe is also doing some fantastic things in the classroom. If you spend any time on his Blackboard, you realize that he is neat and organized and he knows enough about the weather and the Earth’s atmosphere to be a meteorologist. Mr. Rupe also helps direct traffic in the afternoon, protecting faculty and staff from graduates of Mr. Tuck’s behind-the-wheel program. Again, thank you Mr. Rupe for making Science fun and for all your hard work and effort over the past nine weeks.

Chris Rupe

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