Town of Vinton honors valued volunteers

The Town of Vinton honored its valued volunteers with a reception on June 11 at the Charles Hill Community Center. Mayor Brad Grose, Council members Sabrina McCarty and Mike Stovall, and members of the town leadership team were on hand to thank the volunteers for their contribution to the quality of life in Vinton

The Town of Vinton recognized over 100 volunteers at its annual Vinton Volunteer Appreciation Event at the Charles R. Hill Community Center on June 11.

Guests were treated to freshly made donuts from Rosie’s Gaming Emporium and ice cream as they were introduced and thanked for their invaluable contributions to the quality of life in Vinton.

Vinton Mayor Brad Grose expressed the appreciation of the town for “what you do all year long. There are lots of things you do that we couldn’t do; lots of things get done in the town that wouldn’t get done without you.”

Town Manager Barry Thompson expressed his gratitude to the volunteers “from the staff perspective. We appreciate all you add to our town.” He thanked the town staff for “all you provide to enhance the quality of life and move the town forward,” and town council for “the support you give to staff.”

In addition to recognition of the volunteers, Vinton Administrative Assistant Susan Johnson also acknowledged members of town staff and Town Council who serve on a multitude of different committees, boards, and commissions, throughout the year, on local, regional, and state levels.

Councilwoman Sabrina McCarty told the volunteers and members of town staff “all of us in this room work together as a team. We can’t do it without everyone in this room.”

Volunteers recognized for their work on the Board of Zoning Appeals included Mandy Grose, Debra Hagins, Bob Benninger, Joe Robertson, Justin Davison, Allen Kasey, and Mick Michelsen.

Volunteers who have given their time on the CDBG Management Team are Stephanie Brown-Mead, Bruce Mayer, Sarah Reid, Doug Forbes, Justin Davison, and Mattie Forbes.

Volunteers for the UDA Advisory Committee include Allen Kasey, Mick Michelsen, Stephanie Brown-Mead, Chris McCarty, Bruce Mayer, Janet Scheid, Mike Stovall, Sarah Reid, Bob Benninger, Dave Jones, Joey Hiner, Pete Peters, Anthony Conner, Tim Greenway, Nathan McClung, Tammy Rickman, Angie Chewning, Allison Finney, Keith Liles, and Roger Saunders.

Volunteers for the Vinton Area Chamber of Commerce include Michelle Barklow, Andy Bishop, Jason Bishop, Sonia Bolen, Kathleen Carr, John Conner, Chris Duncan, Norman Mall, Julie Mayer, Page Stovall, Dr. Richard Turner, Houston Wallace, Bruce Mayer, Beth Abbott, Justin Davison, and Allison Finney.

Kenny Sledd volunteers with the Clean Valley Council.

Jeff Teass, Susan Teass, Karen Obenchain, Beth Abbott, Nita Echols, Connie Houff, Brittany Lane, Mary Beth Layman, Joey Nicely, and Judy Ralph donate their time to the Vinton Dogwood Festival.

Volunteers for the Greenway include Liz Belcher, Lyn and Peggy Bryant, Bud LaRoche, Rob Lyon, Eddie Baldwin, Tom Berdeen, George Blanar, Blanche Brower, Jim Brown, Jonathan Eagle, Bob Egbert, David Foster, Chuck Gilliland, Bill Gordge, Timo Grundlehner, Jimbo Harshfield, Roger Holnback, Stew Hubbell, Jim Lewis, Keith Liles, Jim Overholser, Curt Overington, Shannon Palmer, Ron Reese, Jim Roberson, Ben Rogers, Janet Scheid, Hugh Scruggs, Frank Simms, Don Strum, John VanLuik, Greg Walter, Jim Webb, and Bill Wilkinson.

Highway Safety Commission volunteers include Doug Adams, Robert Altice, James Childress, Roy McCarty, Fred Swisher, Craig Burch, Henry Cantrell, Brandon Gann, Wayne Guffey, Bob Patterson, and Sarah Reid.

Volunteers for the Planning Commission include Bill Booth, Bob Benninger, Bob Patterson, and Dave Jones.

Joey Hiner serves on the Roanoke Valley Resource Authority.

Volunteers at the Vinton History Museum include Beth Abbott, Marie Bell, Jim Cunningham, Judy Cunningham, Denny Dickens, Jan Dickens, Hootie Kelly, Judy Kelly, Mary Beth Layman, Randy Layman, Rebecca Miller, JoAnn Newman, Robert Pitts, Debbie Pitts, Carol Simmons, John Thomas, Audrey Thrasher, Sherri Winkler, Doug Forbes, and Mattie Forbes.

Richard Oakes leads a group who serve with the Vinton Volunteer Fire Department. Chris McCarty serves on CEDS.

Sarah Reid and Mary Beth Layman volunteer with RVTV.

Chief Wayne Guffey leads a group of about 50 volunteers with the Vinton First Aid Crew.

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