Thrasher Memorial hosts annual Prayer Circle

Thrasher Memorial UMC in Vinton hosted its annual Prayer Circle on September 10, praying for the church and the community at large.

Thrasher Memorial United Methodist Church held its annual Prayer Circle on Sunday, September 10.

Members of the church and the community joined hands to encircle the church in prayer for not just the church, but also the surrounding community, the country, and the world.

According to Pastor B. Failes, the group began by facing inward toward the church and at the sound of the steeple bell, began praying for the church, its ministries, its staff, and various programs and support groups, such as Crossblock, Fifth Quarter, Alcoholics Anonymous, Bible studies, Wednesday Night Dinners, Narcotics Anonymous, the Thrasher Preschool, the children and youth, the choirs and orchestra and “all that goes on in and around the church.”

On the second pealing of the bell, the group turned outward to face the community and prayed for “the community and the world around us,” including “the sick and shut ins, the homeless and hungry, those in Harvey’s and Irma’s paths, our nation and its leaders, our state and its leaders, our town and those cities around us and their leaders.” They prayed for nations near and far and their leaders as well, for hospitals, healthcare, and nursing homes, those who run businesses, and for churches.

Those in the circle stretched out their arms and prayed for about five minutes, surrounding the church in prayer.

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