The Good, the Bad, and the Boring

By Brian Hoffman

Sports editor Brian Hoffman

I heard some great news this week. The NBA, NHL and Major League baseball are all going to start up in a week or so and the Salem Red Sox will also begin their season on time.

April Fool!!

Today, April 2nd, is the 22nd day without sports as we know it. It was three weeks ago Wednesday that Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz was tested positive for coronavirus, stopping the sports world cold. In rapid succession the NCAA basketball men’s and women’s tournaments were cancelled along with all professional sports. Only professional wrestling has continued, without fans, and I don’t really count that.

It’s been three weeks, but it seems like three years. I’ve read every magazine in the house, watched all seven episodes of “Tiger King”, went for at least one walk every day and played “Horse” with my wife on the basketball court behind our house. On the one hand it’s boring as can be but, on the other hand, it’s somewhat relaxing.

You see, during normal times I have very little “down time.” This is an area where people love their sports and there’s always something going on. My two slowest times are Christmas and the middle of summer, but even then we have basketball tournaments over the holiday break and things like swim meets and recreation baseball and softball in the summer, and I love that stuff.

If I’m not attending everything I can I feel like I’m slacking. But, I equate this virus pandemic to a long series of snow days. When it snows and everything is off, I don’t feel guilty about staying home because there’s nowhere to go. This is much the same thing, only warmer and without sports to watch on TV. And, that’s a big difference if you haven’t noticed.

I try to look on the bright side, even though that’s hard to do with people dying and the map of virus action creeping toward us here in southwest Virginia. Still, here a few ways to look at things, good and bad, as we try to get through this difficult time in our lives.


GOOD- If you’re a Yankee fan, it gives Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Staunton more time to get better.

BAD- If you’re NOT a Yankee fan, it gives Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Staunton more time to get better.


GOOD- The University of Virginia will be the reigning NCAA basketball champs for another year.

BAD-  There are no NCAA basketball games to watch until November (hopefully).


GOOD- Gas has dropped to under $2 a gallon.

BAD-  There’s nowhere to go.


GOOD-  Haven’t lost any money betting on games.

BAD-   Haven’t won any money betting on games.


GOOD-  Plenty of time to work on the yard.

BAD-   No baseball games being played at “The Yard”


GOOD- There’s still no crying in baseball

BAD- There’s crying because there’s no baseball


GOOD- Finally will have time to go to the pool.

BAD- Pool’s closed

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