Terrier Spotlight of the Week


By the Administrative Team at William Byrd High School

Each week the administrative team at William Byrd High School recognizes faculty and staff members for their wonderful contributions to the students and community.

The first Terrier Spotlight of the Week announced on February 26 is social studies department chair, Ms. Caitlin Lilley. Ms. Lilley is one dynamite AP US History teacher. One could argue that few classes are as important as U.S. History, but like any other course, its significance and influence comes down to what the teacher makes of it.

Ms. Lilley tackles this all-important course with passion, objectivity, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion. We’d like to also recognize Ms. Lilley along with the diversity committee for their hard work and efforts in creating engaging activities and resources for this year’s Black History Month.

Outside of being a phenomenal history teacher, Ms. Lilley coaches the academic team and enjoys reading and playing the piano #cultured #classy. Thanks again Ms. Lilley for being a great teacher and mentor for our students.

Caitlin Lilley

Next up is everyone’s favorite Deutschlehrer, Dr. Barbara Hassell, the German teacher at William Byrd. A veteran teacher of twenty-six years, Dr. Hassell is a consummate professional who deeply cares for her students. She has also had to juggle many responsibilities throughout this already challenging school year. Dr. Hassell teaches at both Glenvar and William Byrd High, and she has even assisted in the front office when we’ve been short-staffed. Dr. Hassell is willing to do whatever she can to help support her students and colleagues. Outside of education, she enjoys cooking, travelling, and spending time with her three sons and nine grandchildren. Thanks again Dr. Hassell for always going that extra mile for our students!

Dr. Barbara Hassell

Next is everyone’s favorite bookkeeper, Mrs. Leigh Anne Conner. Mrs. Conner has been the financial guru at WBHS for the past 20 years. The challenges of this school year have required her to perform many tasks beyond keeping the books. The pandemic has caused staff shortages across the country, and our staff and front office has not been immune to this. As a result, Mrs. Conner has had to step in and perform a variety of different duties in the front office.

Her reliability and versatility this year have been a huge asset. Outside of school, Mrs. Conner enjoys making crafts, spending time with her family, or lounging around the pool on a hot summer day. Mrs. Conner has also recently become a grandmother! Samuel or “Sammy” Thomas Brown was born on February 5th. Mrs. Conner and her family couldn’t be happier with their new little bundle of joy. Mrs. Conner, thank you again for all that you have done to support William Byrd this school year!

Leigh Anne Conner

Finally, comes our last spotlight of the week, Mr. Billy McBride. This is a bitter-sweet spotlight, in that it’s Mr. McBride’s last day here at William Byrd. After twenty-five years of working with Roanoke County Public Schools, he has decided to retire. While we’re all happy for Billy and want to celebrate his retirement, his hard work, kindness, and generosity will be sorely missed. Our safety and success at this school year would not be possible without Mr. McBride and our dedicated maintenance staff. To Mr. McBride, one last time, we would like to sincerely say thank you! We wish you a happy and peaceful retirement.

Billy McBride with WBHS Principal Tammy Newcomb

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