Synthetic turf field being installed at William Byrd stadium

FieldTurf USA is installing the new synthetic turf athletic field at the William Byrd High School stadium.

A synthetic field surface is being installed this summer at the William Byrd High School stadium. The contractor for the project is FieldTurf USA.

Director of Facilities and Operations for Roanoke County Public Schools George Assaid describes the company as the “leading synthetic turf surface company in the United States,” with over 7,000 fields built around the world.

FieldTurf says that there are two key parts to converting a natural grass field like the one at WBHS to a turf field— building the base and installing the turf. The company says that the base not only serves as the platform for the artificial turf, but it is also necessary for drainage.

Steps in the base building include field excavation to subgrade, installing a perimeter concrete curb/nailer, installing geotextile fabric and the field underdrain system, and installing free draining base stone and finish stone.

The steps involved in installing the turf itself, include off-loading the turf rolls and placing the turf, sewing the turf panels together, installing field markings and decorative markings, installing infill, clean-up, and testing the field.

They say it generally takes about 30 days to go from the empty base to a “lush playing field.”

The 4.7 acres of athletic practice fields below the stadium at William Byrd are also being improved. The contractor for that project is Carolina Green.

Assaid said, “As of late last week, the next step for the Bermuda Grass practice fields is to complete the installation of the lawn irrigation system and subsurface drainage system.  After completion of the irrigation and drainage systems, the contractor will do a final laser grading of the field and then the sod will be placed. We are waiting for AEP to set the transformer for the new field lights which were ordered a few weeks ago.”

Photos of the synthetic turf installation can be seen on The Vinton Messenger Facebook page.

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