Sitting in Grandpa’s seat


Bootie Bell Chewning

In the time-honored tradition of public service, another Cranwell has taken a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. Not as a legislator, but as a page. Caris Cranwell, whose grandfather is former House of Delegates Majority Leader Dick Cranwell, took to the State Capitol in Richmond to serve in the 2017 General Assembly.

Caris, a seventh grader at Hidden Valley Middle School, is the daughter of C. Richard “Richie” Cranwell Jr. and Lori A. Rutherford. Like her grandfather, the former House of Delegates Majority Leader and long time Vinton lawyer, she is known for her outgoing demeanor and her quick, and not always biting, wit! Being selected as a page was truly an honor and like her grandfather she understands the importance of public service.

“It’s hard work and a lot of responsibility,” she said. “The day starts at 8 every morning when my page duties are assigned. Depending on whether I’m in the House Chamber or one of the committee rooms, my job is different. There is never a dull moment!” She could not stress enough, “it’s a lot of responsibility.” She is with Delegate Greg Habeeb.

Serving in the chamber where her grandfather served for almost three decades puts an added amount of pressure on her, but like him she remains focused, executes her responsibilities in a timely fashion, and always keeps his words of wisdom in the back of her mind, “Plan your work and work your plan.” The younger Cranwell is doing just that! Perhaps there’ll be another Delegate Cranwell in the future? Only time will tell, but if her current position is any indication it’s highly likely. And the Commonwealth can always use good leaders!

What a wonderful experience for a young girl. She is back home now and back to the old grind, with great memories.


Thank you to Josh O’Dell, Minister of Music at Thrasher Memorial Methodist, for the Night of Worship. The Sanctuary Choir, Orchestra, Handbell Choir, Humble Praise  Children’s Choir, Homeschool Choir Readers, Sound /Media all were awesome  and made for a wonderful evening of music. All so talented. May God bless you all for sharing your talents!

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