The Council of the Town of Vinton, Virginia will hold a public hearing on a request to revise Water and Wastewater Fees and Charges Schedule to become effective with the January 2020 billing. The monthly water minimum charge will be $5.50 and the bi-monthly charge will be $11.00. The monthly sewer minimum charge will be $9.50 and the bi-monthly charge will be $19.00. These charges will rise 8% in each of the Fiscal Years 2021, 2022 and 2023. The volumetric water consumption rate will now be charged for all usage. This means monthly usage from 0-1,500 gallons and bi-monthly from 0-3,000 will be charged at a rate of $4.02 per thousand gallons for water. This rate of $4.02 per thousand gallons will continue from 1,500 to 16,500 gallons for monthly water bills and 3,000 to 33,000 gallons for bi-monthly water bills. Above 16,500 gallons for monthly and 33,000 gallons for bi-monthly the water volumetric rate will be $5.04 per thousand gallons. The volumetric sewer consumption rate will now be $4.69 per thousand gallons for both monthly and bi-monthly starting at fi rst usage. All other minimum charges, volumetric or bulk water sales or unmetered sewer service will rise by 6%. Effective with the July 2020 billing, all bi-monthly customers will move to monthly billing. Minimum charges for both water and sewer will rise by 8% in Fiscal Years 2021, 2022 and 2023. Volumetric usage charges will rise by 6% in the same fi scal years. These charges are revised pursuant to authority granted by Virginia Code §§ 15.2-2111. 15.2-2119 and 15.2-2122, according to the Vinton Town Code, Chapter 24, Utilities, Section 94-22 Fees and charges for water service and Section 94-74, Fees and charges for wastewater service. The public hearing will be held on Tuesday, October 15, 2019, at 7:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard, in the Council Chambers of the Vinton Municipal Building located at 311 South Pollard Street, Vinton, Virginia. A complete Town of Vinton Water and Wastewater Fee and Charges Schedule and the proposed ordinance are available for inspection in the Town Manager’s Offi ce located in the Vinton Municipal Building. Persons requiring special assistance to attend and participate at this public meeting should contact the Town Manager’s offi ce at (540) 983-0607. Susan N. Johnson, CMC Town Clerk

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