Memories of Roland E. Cook School

Not often in a life do you live to see the school you attended in elementary school be preserved and turned in to apartments to be there for years to come. What a blessing. Old School Partners LLC, Partners David Hill, Dale Wilkerson, Seth Wilkerson, Marketing, Brad Grose and Town Council, Barry Thompson, Pete Peters, Jason Peters and Roanoke County Board of Supervisors, and so many others had, as I call it, the good sense to save the building. Thank you to all that worked so hard over the years to do so.

Those of us that have lived here all our lives have great memories of attending there. Most can even name our teachers, mine were 1st – Kennedy, 2nd – Barnette, 3rd – Eller, 4th – Otey, and 5th Menefee. She followed us to the junior high building, had her again. She loved math and loaded us down with homework every night. I would cry to get it all done with my mom’s help and you know to this day I dislike math. LOL.

Back to school years, that’s where I started taking dancing under Miss Stuart first, then Geraldine Fox (all way through school). One time Shirley Crafton (in pic) and I were coming off stage, her foot caught in the rope for the movie screen and it came plunging down, barely missing her. Just lucky on that one. We just had so many fun times at school with programs and all kinds of activities.

Back then you went 1-5 there, then Junior 6-7, then up on the hill for 8-12. People remained friends through the years. Even the folks that came from Mount Pleasant, Bonsack and North County were part of it all. That’s what’s great about a small town, and schools that brought us together we have great memories of. That’s what Roland E Cook did for me and many others. So glad it was saved and WBHS will be to. YEAH !! Mattie and Doug Forbes, I know you will love living there and you will make new memories!

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Jeanean K. Lewis, Dave Sults, Rita Perini, Terry S. Hayden, Brenda Robinson, Jennifer Gobble, Mary Spencer, Chris Monroe, Kathleen Sink, Todd Davis, Cheryl Moore, Cammye Obenchain, Shirl Light, Wendy Mc. Buttram, Tom Spitnale, Debbie Rice, David Robey, Deena A. Musselman, Nancy G. Stanley, Bobby Musselman, Meaghan Campbell, Ellen Poff Drewery, Doris Cumby, Callie Dalton, Ed Clark, Tracy W. Witt, Peggy Kidd, Mark Stegall, Joe Overfelt, Melissa Lewis, Brian Falls, Sherry Ayers, Jo Brooks, Linda Scarborough, Micah Vandergrift, Claudia Ramsey, Tyler Henderson, Travis Moorman, Dwain Craddock, Melanie Wilmoth, Madison Lantz, Richard Small, Pat Simpson, Kathy Barber, Terri Hensley-Hall, Caroline G. Hodges, Nancy Huff, Tommy McKee, Juanita Barbour, John Cook, 81, and Queen Mildred Scott, 89. Keep on dancing, Mildred; oh that’s right, you are a cook now and a darn good one.

Happy Anniversary and Congrats to Karl and Jenny Stallard, 57 years, Barry and Terri Sloan, 25 years, Dick and Becky Ingram, 22 years, Stephanie and Ty Daughtridge, 20 years, Gary and Anna Craddock, 56 years, Pat and Jenifer Gobble, 31 years, Dana E. and Barry Reagan, 38 years, Claire A. and Landon Jacobsen, Paul and Crystal B. Lineburg, 11 years, Kaddy and Jay Davis, 24 years, and Mary Beth and Randy Layman, 41 years. May you all have many more years together!

Get Well wishes and prayers go out to Robbie Wilmoth, Gene West (surgery last week, doing great), Pat Williams (surgery, doing fine), Betty McVey (recouping), David Thacker (brain surgery), Charlie Drewery (home recouping), Deborah S. Roger (broken leg, pink cast), Jason Peters, Mike Chewning, Tommy Wood, and Ron Stone – Berkshire. Hope all feel better soon.

Don’t Forget The TAMS at Vinton Farmers’ Market Friday night, Event Zone. Going to be cooler, so bring your chairs and come on down.

Mill Mountain Theatre presents “Willy Wonka Jr.,” opening July 26 (tonight) and runs through August 6. It’s a fun show for all ages!

Dance class, left to right, Shirley Crafton, Norma Jean Martin, Flora Jo York, May Lee Overstreet, Sue Mitchell, Carol Lee Silcox, Ruhnelle Woolfolk, Jean Taylor and Bootie Bell.
Second grade class
Bootie Bell and Shirley Crafton
Sue Plunkett Hill and Brother Harry “Biddy ” Plunkett
Bootie and David Hill (architect and son of Sue)

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