Please be advised that the Vinton Town Council will hold a public hearing concerning the proposed FY2020-2021 Town of Vinton Budget at its meeting on Tuesday, June 2, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 emergency, participation in this public hearing by Council members, staff, and the public will be available through electronic or other alternative means. The public may comment on the proposed budget by emailing, leaving a message at 540-983-0607 or writing to the Town Clerk, Vinton Municipal Building, 311 S. Pollard Street, Vinton, Virginia 24179. Voice mails, emails and other messages containing comments on the budget will be provided to Council members. The public also may be able to comment during the electronic public hearing. Citizens interested in this option must register in advance by calling the Town Clerk’s Office at 540-983-0607 or sending an email to by 12 Noon on Monday, June 1, 2020. The public can observe this meeting through a livestream on the Town’s Facebook page at Additional information concerning the meeting and the public hearing will be made available on the Town’s website at least three days before the meeting date. The proposed budget is as follows:



Revenues Total All Funds
General Fund

Grant Fund



Utility Fund

Capital Fund



Stormwater Fund 489,723
Total Revenues $11,663,773
General Fund:
Town Council $130,168
Town Manager’s Office 116,468
Human Resources 55,579
Legal Services 42,558
Treasurer/Finance Department 246,827
Police Department 2,181,089
Communications Services 434,000
Fire & EMS 2,385
Police/Animal Control                94,580
Public Works Administration     120,560
Maintenance/Highways/Streets/Bridges 800,172
Snow and Ice Removal 45,421
Traffic Signs and Street Light 109,189
Refuse Collection 555,148
Recycling 86,144
Building & Grounds 138,422
Health Department 25,020
Special Programs 146,384
WM Interdepartmental Functions 10,000
War Memorial 260,274
Vinton Veterans Monument 5,000
Swimming Pool/Parks 3,290
Senior Program 92,280
Town Museum 13,445
Planning & Zoning 277,645
Economic Development 105,457
Public Transportation 115,000
Vinton Business Center 7,350
Performance Agreements   53,400
Retiree Insurance   5,000
Travel & Training   15,551
Debt Service – General Fund 444,882
Transfers 429,862
Total General Fund $7,168,550



Grant Fund:      
VML Risk Management Grant     4,000
       Total Grant Fund     $4,000
Utility Fund:
Water & Wastewater Administration $439,560
Customer Accounts 305,900
Water System Maintenance 929,862
Purchased Water 145,000
Wastewater System Maintenance 847,173
Debt Retirement-Bonds/L.T.D. 770,629
Contingency   143,514
Transfers 244,862
Total Utility Fund $3,826,500
Capital Fund:      
Street Mountain View Road Imp     $175,000
       Total Grant Fund     $175,000
Stormwater Fund
Administration $128,738
Street & Road Cleaning                  66,566
Operations                255,692
Debt Retirement     38,727
Total Stormwater Fund $489,723
Total Combined Expenditures $11,663,773


Persons requiring special assistance to attend and participate at this public hearing should contact the Town Manager’s office at (540) 983-0607.


Susan N. Johnson, CMC

Town Clerk

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