Hats off to cast and crew of ‘Little Women’


Bootie Bell Chewning

This past weekend I had the privilege seeing two productions by young people. First was an excellent production of “Little Women” presented by the William Byrd Players at WBHS. Hats off to Reagan Castleman, student director, and director Carol Webster. What a great experience for her, even taking a selfie from the stage, that’s so Uptown LOL”. The whole cast and crew did an outstanding job. In the photo you will see the cast and crew plus Logan Glass “guest.” Some of the cast had never been on stage, they were great, that’s what the arts can do for the students. Looking forward to your next show. In the photo of the ladies are Sherry Ayers, Tonya Gordon, Joyce Glidden, Reece Hodges, and Angie Gordon Hodges. Big supporters, thanks for coming. Always good to see people there. The kids work so hard and it can be so disappointing not having a large audience ☹

The other program was the Vinton Breakfast Lions Club bringing back the Bland Foundation Music Scholarship Competition. You will see all about in Debbie Adams’ article. I had the honor to emcee this event and was blown away with all the talent. Congrats to the winners; however, they are all winners in my book! Thanks to all that came to support those in it!

Thanks to those that brought The Tams to the War Memorial for Cabin Fever. Those that attended had a blast. In the photo you will see Little Red on the table singing and dancing. He is a hoot. Most of us have watched him grow up through the years; I think he was about 8 or 9, maybe younger, when he started with the group and with his Daddy. He brings up his Daddy a lot in the act, he passed away several years ago. The Tams have been together a long time and continue to WOW the crowd. In the photo with me is the dancing king “Bud” Guynn. If there is music, he will dance. Love him!

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Ann Marie Soltis, Rachel Baldwin, Marc Hinkle, Anna Craddock, Linsee Lewis Noto, Christi Moates, Wayne Joness, Larry Poteat, Michael Saunders, JD Sutphin, Shelley Luke, Tiffany Bradbury, Gwen Ashby, Cindy Hall, Linda Fisher, Kathleen Myers, Connie Henson, Barbara Mason, Steve Claris, Buddy Webster, Mitzie Werner, Nicki Settle, Pam Wolfe, Emma Hanek, Brian Hamilton, Sherry Williams, Malcolm Thornton, Hannah Chewning, Kathy Fonder, Jacob Manthey, Pam Aldridge, Steve Hellams, Perry Spangler, Charlie Ellis, Traci Donegan, Doug Payne, Jack Arnold, Gip Brown, Lisa Lipscomb, Sandra Hill, Moe Mattox, Chris Whitley, Cathy N. Farmer, Ron Andrews, Kimber Butler, 21, Marlena Driscoll, Wanda Ford, Patti Ward, Linda Adams, Barbara M. Brooks and a very special lady, Audrey Hamner, 86 years young!

Congrats and Happy Anniversary to Shelley and Ken Lyons, 17 years, Sherry N. and Dennis Jennings, 8 years. May you have many more years together!

Get Well wishes and prayers go out to Mark Stegall (understand he is doing much better), Crystal B. Lineburg (moving a little slow with having both elbow and leg bummer ☹), Susie Garrett (improving), April Hall in RMH, Donita Goins (surgery last week), Rodney Goins, Kevin Goins, Patti Mabey (in hospital) Flo Settle ( just got out of hospital after a long illness), Terry Obenchain (had surgery this past week), Angel Linares (critical condition after car accident, prayers with him and family after loss of his wife of 55 years, Elvia, Angelo’s Restaurant), Dawn Seay, Jeff Gibson (battling cancer again), Amanda S. McCoy, slowly improving, as same with Angie Chewning, heel just doesn’t seem to want to heal, more antibiotics, Carol Webster and all that are sick. Hope you are well soon!

Happy to say Marisa Brewer has now been move to the Brian Center in Fincastle; doing better and at least closer to home, send her a card.

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