DiCarolo named Vinton Police Officer of the Month


Officer Andrew DiCarlo has been named Vinton Police Officer of the Month for December 2016. He was recognized at the Vinton Town Council Meeting on February 7.

According to Vinton Police Chief Tom Foster, DiCarolo responded to a rescue call on December 25, 2016, for a male subject who was unresponsive and turning blue.

When he arrived at the scene, DiCarlo entered the living room area and observed a white male lying on the floor, not moving. The subject’s skin was blue and there was no pulse.

DiCarlo tilted the subject’s head back to open his airway and began chest compressions. The subject began taking short gasps of air and at that time, DiCarolo stopped compressions to check for a pulse. He felt a light pulse but when the subject was still not breathing, he resumed chest compressions. The subject once again took some short gasps of air. Rescue arrived at that time and took over treatments.

“Without question, your quick actions and thinking saved this man’s life,” said Foster. “You did a great job; keep up the good work.”


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