Class of 1987 had a fun weekend

The Class 1987 reunion at Twin Creeks

Thirty years seems like forever but when you come back together with your classmates, it seems like no time has passed and you pick right up like you just saw them yesterday.

Yes, that’s the way WBHS Class of 1987 felt this past weekend, headed up by Mark Snodgrass and Kenneth “Kenny ” Flowers. Friday night started with a party at the Vinton Moose Lodge with Hard Drive, Ed Vaughan, Brian Justis Simpson, Roger Shields, putting on an epic performance, said Rudd Peters, just extra special for the Class of 1987. Everyone felt the same, great time. Saturday afternoon there was another gathering at Twin Creeks Brewery, and then on to Mingle at the Market where they all seemed to have a blast. They came from everywhere– South Carolina, California, North Carolina, Atlanta, etc.; some saying let’s do this once a year and not wait 30 more years. I even enjoyed seeing so many of them and getting hugs from many. Don’t have names of all that attended but so glad they enjoyed themselves. For all those planning reunions, think about using Mingle as one of your events. The venue, band, food and beverages and low cost are all there and not only see your class but other people from Vinton around you might not get to see otherwise.

Thank you to all that came to Mingle, Uptown Band and all vendors, Fairytales and Pixie Dust Photography, sponsors, volunteers (they were all wonderful and worked very hard since we didn’t have that many to help you hung in there) and the ones that help take down and, of course, Vinton Chamber of Commerce, Angie Chewning, Justin Davison and Kathryn Sowers, Allison Finney, Sheri Fullen, Michelle Barklow, Kynn Deadrick, Sonia Bolen, board members. Mark Your Calendars now for September 9– Seven Mile Ford. Bring your chairs and join the fun. Even if you don’t dance, enjoy the music and people watch. It’s really fun LOL. Thanks to all!

Happy Birthday wishes go out to CR Cranwell, Jessica Bailey, David Tyree, Heather Brown, Kevin Booker, Fran Lewis, Rita Enoch, Lee Adkins Cort, Kalee Thompson Bowling, Terri Lyle, Robin Sligh, Ernie Dale, Kathy Overstreet, Susan P. Thompson, David Kumar, John Dickinson, Michelle Dooley, Mark Frye, Susan W. Helsey, Frazier Hughes, Rhonda Spangler, Jane Vest, Sandra Daugherty, Sheila Gimbel, Bryan Maiden, Ted Swift, Terry Flinchum, Jane Campbell, Judy Newman, Mike Wright, Nancy Horn, Betty Hylton, Chery Hackett Doug Forbes, Ginnie Hall, Callie St.Clair, Ed Webster, Kathy Thompson, Kelly Buck, Luke Overstreet, Joy Payne, Jason Webb, Derek Burton, Courtney Lindeman, Keith Liles, Megann Reynolds, Annette Carter, Elliot Broyles, Jim Shaver, Gail Sparks, Anna Marie Tolbert, Amy R. Jessee, and Jon Weems. Hope you all had a great one.

Congrats and Happy Anniversary to Gary and Teresa Walthall, 45 years, Chris and Beverly Carr, Samuel R. and Susan S. Carter,11 years, Wendy Mc. and Jonathan David Buttram, 5 years, Tammy and Greg Barton, 32 years, Judy and Wayne Stinnett, 58 years, and Terry and Mark Hough, 24 years (really longer they were childhood sweethearts, too). May you all have many more years together !

This weekend– Event Zone at Farmers’ Market, The Tams, Friday night, Aug. 18. Release party at Farmers’ Market for Faded Travelers’ Restless Souls album. Be there to celebrate and congratulate them!


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