Celebrations of birthdays – 80s are the new 50s

by Bootie Bell Chewning

Always great getting to celebrate a birthday and when you are 85 it’s fantastic and to do so at Disney World is awesome! Brother Dr. George “Buddy ” Bell, Hunter Bell (NYC), Naomi Roberts (Wilson, N.C.), Catherine, Elizabeth and Deborah Alvord (Cary, N.C.) Deaton Bell (returning from London to join them) and Linda Bell (Wilmington, N.C.) gathered to celebrate. Disney makes everyone feel young.

What do you do when you have a three-day weekend and an 84th birthday? That’s right–  you party all weekend and that’s what Violet Smith did. The birthday extravaganza started with a surprise gathering of family and friends at Pete’s Deli. Joining in were Steve and Robin Claris, Allean Lilly, Shirley Rice, Norman and Paula Smith and Vera Payne. They ate, talked, laughed and had a great time. The celebration wasn’t done!

Sunday after church, partying continued. Vi’s Favorite Ladybugs (Helen, Stephanie and Ruth), their children (Emily, Kyle, Cody Ashley and Hannah), Vi’s children (Robin and Steve, Norm and Paula), their hrandchildren (Justin and Elizabeth) vame over and the party c ontinued. They had a great time laughing and joking. Monday evening concluded with immediate family celebrating quietly! Well, If you know the Smith family, quietly isn’t in their vocabulary! They love their Mom and we all do too! Thanks Robin!

Birthday wishes go out to others that had birthdays: Tammy S. Newcomb, Greg Puckett, Olivia Robertson, Nancy Wimmer, Brandy Phillip, Kit Williams, Jane Glover, Kaitlyn Dwyer, Delaine F. Newcomb, Wanda Shifflett, Oakley Lyman, 5, Norma Rogers, Pat Irby, Megan Scott, Jonathan Rice, Sam Crizer, Angela Hanks, Sandra Dooley, Haylee Hunt, Matthew Stinnett, Kate G. Grubbs, Patti Thompson, Carla Hurley, Mel Bell Dickey, Maddy Sarver, Tim Greenway, Debbie Stump, Bill Shannon, Tim McKenzie, Janet Nester, Julie McDeel, Ruthie S. Aker, Callie Houff, Ken Martin, Ronda H. Cornett, Ron McGhee, Patty Hill, Rhonda Fleming, Rebecca Wager, Shaffer Kelly, Todd Nicely, Wanda Arrington Clay Owens, Deborah H. Stone, The Nicely Twins – Evan Nicely and Jacob Nicely. Hope you all had a great one.

Get well wishes and prayers go out to Cassie Poff Bryant (battling Lyme disease), Marissa Brewer (in ICU fighting pneumonia), Terry Mcvey, Bruce Muncy, Jim Wood (doing better), Kenneth “Skinny” Journell (rehabbing at Friendship Manor and is doing so much better, hoping to get to go home by Jan. 25), Jerry Foutz, Derek Govin, Duane Rice (improving daily), Dot Saunders, Mary Crowder, Margaret Wood  (at Our Lady Of the Valley), Mike West, and Angie Chewning (surgery on heel tomorrow). Please remember those in nursing homes and at home in your prayers.

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