Camp Possible made possible

Bootie Bell Chewning

Campers packaging for to help feed10,000 children in Haiti through “Rise Against Hunger”
Kids at Camp Possible enjoying lunch
The Camp Possible Kitchen Crew: seated, Carol Bown; back, from left, Carol Mattox, Bootie, Virginia Long and Shirley Rice
Gerri Richards making PB&J sandwiches
Let’s Party with Rob Amos at Camp Possible

Camp Possible was held at Thrasher on July 26-28 with kids from 3 years old to sixth grade and lots of helpers. The theme was “You are Uniquely and Wonderfully Made,” based on Psalm 139:14.

Each day children worked on projects and classes. The cooking class led by Tracy Giorano made casseroles for LOA. The swing class led by Jan Dickens made pockets for walkers which were delivered to the VA Care Center by the children. Other classes were science, woodworking, painting and fashion.

Mission trips to Alta Mons Camp and The Launching Pad filled out the day on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday was highlighted by feeding 10,000 children in Haiti through “Rise Against Hunger” in Timberlake. The day concluded with a trip to the Putt-Putt Family Fun Park! Younger kids got to see a reptile show and made and dressed their animals provided by Let’s Party. Thanks to Rob Amos. Each day the kids were fed by the Kitchen Crew. What a fun week it was for all. Thank you to Tina Yates and all those that helped in any way to make Camp Possible POSSIBLE! Thanks Pastor B.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Audrey Thrasher, Carolyn Williams, Deedie Kagey, David Maxey, Jennifer Gobble, Debbie McClure, Dan Hylton, Chris Keaton, Bill Woodson, Linnie Gregory, Roberta S. Taliaferro, Kitty Fugate (avid reader’s Mom), Tom Wolfe, Bud McWhorter, Nancy Huff, Robert Ball, Barbara Q. Myler, Bonnie Winters, Dot N. Preston, Jamie Nervo, Christi Whitley, Starla Porter,  Peggy Harmon, Wanda Clower, Martha Hooker, Shannon Duff, Mary Cook Moore, Susan H. Midkiff, Ginger Mumpower, T.K. Sharpley, Betty F. McVey, Catherine S. Folden, J.T Huddleston, Aubrey Wright, Kelly Abell, Kim Lewis, Mark McCadden, Jay Trout, Jerry Thompson, Tommy Firebaugh, Eliza Otey, Linda Benson, Dionne Nichols, Vicky Carrell, Kevin St. Clair, big 50, Luis Hernandez, Adams Scotty Bear, Pam Pope, Kim M. Williams, Zach Crizer, Mandy Grose, Dan Smith, Ronn Lowe, Hope G. Cumbie, Paul Lineburg, Sharon Harwood, Charles Anna Ribelin, Carolyn Moseley, Mary Angell Butler, Harvey Fitzgerald. And one special lady– Josephine Williams, 100 years young. WOW!

Hope everyone had a great one. I have mine coming up this Saturday, still have great memories about my big party last year and how I’ll never be able to thank everyone enough. Love to all again.

Congrats and Happy Anniversary to Barbara Jeannie and Buddy Patterson, 55 years, Matthew and Sarah A. Bernard, 5 years, Lisa B. and Bill Booth, 30 years, Eunice and Tom Kirby, 58 years, Cristie C. and John Richards, Sandra and James Rucker, 39 years, Joanna and Norman Lineburg, 52 years, Vicki and Harlan Grudger, Bonnie and Bill Moore, 40 years, Jeremiah and Emily Burleson, 6 years, Aubrey and Michelle Wright,14 years. Hope you all have many more together.

Get Well wishes and prayers go out to Lisa Haldren (surgery last week), John Huffaker (RMH, running tests), Jack Ayers (recouping at home), Robbie Wilmoth (RMH, then to rehab), Randy Simms (now at home), Willie Leffell (RMH), Mike Chewning, Jason Peters, Tommy Wood, Denise Aspell (improving, rough on a band director not being able to walk), Jeff Altice, April Hall (RMH), Ron Stone (Berkshire, eorking hard to improve, making progress), and John Wells (now at home). Hope you all are better soon.

Vinton Chamber of Commerce always makes goody bags for all the teachers in our area. If you have anything you would like to donate for these bags, please bring it by the Chamber office by Monday. The teachers are always pleased to get them and it just shows they are appreciated. They could use some volunteers to help stuff the bags.

Event Zone Party with The Tams has been postponed till August 18.

Mingle at the Market will be August 12 at the Farmers’ Market with “Uptown” band . Bring your chairs and come join the fun!

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