Chief Herb Cooley’s life as told by his son

VINTON–For most of his life Zach Cooley saw Herb Cooley from one perspective—as his father..

Vinton celebrates the improving state of the town

VINTON–The Town of Vinton has much to be thankful for in 2016. Most of the.

School Bus crash in Vinton–no injuries to two students onboard

VINTON–Officers responded to a two vehicle collision involving a Roanoke County School bus at the.

Vinton motorists urged to look for alternative routes as traffic is congested on both Walnut and Virginia Avenues

VINTON–This morning long traffic delays were experienced westbound on Virginia Ave/Hardy Rd into the City.

Bus involved accident in Vinton–no injuries

VINTON–At approximately 0758 hours a minor collision between a Roanoke City School bus and a.

Vinton Farmers’ Market stage to reopen for September Mingle at the Market

VINTON–The Vinton Farmers’ Market stage renovations are nearly complete with only a few minor touch-up.

First Aid Chief Guffey receives Outstanding Administrator Award

VINTON–Chief Wayne Guffey of the Vinton First Aid Crew has received the 2016 Outstanding Administrator.

Meetings begin on rezoning former Vinton Library for Macado’s

VINTON–Joy Payne summed up the sentiments of most of those who attended the Community Meeting/Open.

Town Council approves budget, appoints town manager

VINTON–Vinton Town Council met on June 7 to approve a budget and appoint a new.

Vinton Planning Commission recommends rezoning former Vinton Branch Library–a little history

VINTON–The Vinton Planning Commission voted to recommend rezoning of the  former Vinton Branch Library located.