Locals attend Women’s March on Washington

Submitted photos

Lisa Lucas Gardner (left), of Christiansburg, MJ Williams (center), of Christiansburg, and Edith Woodford, of Roanoke, attended the Women’s March on Washington Jan. 21. Gardner and Williams joined other marchers who traveled to D.C. on the four sold-out buses that left from Lucie Monroe’s Cafe in Christiansburg at 3 a.m. Jan 21. In the photo, the women are wearing “pussyhats,” which were worn by many at the March. Gardner said the hats are “a symbol of our unity as women and a protest against the derogatory sexist language President Trump has used in the past.”


People hold signs while marching near the Capitol Building during the Women’s March on Washington Jan. 21. Gardner said the event was peaceful and productive. “It really was a great chance for us to exercise our First Amendment rights without fear,” she said.

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