Botetourt, Roanoke Valley promotion will reach over 5 million Delta Air flyers



That’s what shouts across the first of a two-page ad about Botetourt County’s success in helping businesses locate here.

It’s part of a 23-page spread about the Roanoke Valley that’s in this month’s “Sky” magazine, a Delta Air Lines publication the company says will land in front of 5.4 million readers who travel around the world on the airlines each month.

Botetourt County Administrator Gary Larrowe shared copies of the magazine at the Board of Supervisors’ March meeting last week, and over the weekend learned that even Botetourt flyers had seen it already.

You don’t have to take a flight to see the ad or articles about the Roanoke Valley. The magazine is online at http://deltaskymag.delta.com/Magazine.aspx. Just click on the April Issue Digital Edition and go to pages 86-109. The Botetourt ad— which features an aerial photo of Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits’ new location at Botetourt Center at Greenfield— is on pages 96-97.

The ad also features eight of the county’s main industries— Gala, Lawrence, Altec, Maag, Dynax, Metalsa, Roanoke Cement, Canatal Steel USA and the soon-to-come Eldor Corp.

“Botetourt met all our needs from an operational and infrastructure standpoint,” Ballast Point Brewing & Sprits Vice-President of Marketing Hillary Cocalis says in one of the articles and in the ad for Botetourt. “More importantly, the active and welcoming community is a great fit for our company culture.”

According to its marketing arm, “Sky” is a true hybrid magazine, defying its label as “inflight only.” Blending travel, business, lifestyle and entertainment, it has undeniable crossover appeal for today’s affluent and hard-to-reach consumers.

The profile on Roanoke and the emphasis on the region’s interest in marketing to companies that may be looking for a location fits the target Botetourt and the rest of the Roanoke Valley have in their sights. According to readership demographics, the average reader has a $128,395 average household income, 83 percent are college educated and 21 percent have a post-graduate degree; and 45 percent are managers/professionals.

The magazine ad gives the website for the county Department of Economic Development, and clicking on the Botetourt ad in the web version of the magazine takes you to the county website.

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